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Why Families Are Flocking to Central Wisconsin

Central Wisconsin goes by different colorful epithets from Paper Valley (for the region’s two-dozen paper and pulp mills) to Fox Valley (after the Fox River which is an Illinois River tributary). To those who live in Appleton, WI, and other towns in the area, though, it’s just a wonderful place to call home.

With the paper industry in the region, it would make sense to wonder about pollution levels; while environmental contamination was certainly a matter of concern 30 years ago, it no longer is. The Fox River may not be a US Superfund site; nevertheless, it’s been perfectly cleaned up through action under the federal Clean Water Act, and has since seen the return of all kinds of wildlife. It’s one of the reasons why families moving to the north prefer Appleton, Neenah, Oshkosh and other towns around Lake Winnebago and the Fox River.

The Central Wisconsin lifestyle

Central Wisconsin has many water great water bodies, and receives plenty of snow. In the winter, this makes it a great place for everything from ice skating and ice boating to snowmobile riding in the cold months, to fishing, swimming and skiing in summer. The lifestyle and outlook of the people of the region make it easy to make friends as you would expect in a small town.

The region has great culture, too. Not only has Fox city Museum been voted one of the top museums in the region, the Fox City Performing Arts Center, the Mile Of Music Festival, the Grand Opera House of Oshkosh, and the Paine Arts Center, among other centers of culture, keep interest alive in life’s finer pursuits.

Central Wisconsin takes learning seriously

Appleton has a handful of highly regarded high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and charter schools, as well as parochial high schools. Higher education is taken care of by Lawrence University, a private arts college listed in the Princeton Review as one of the top colleges of the world, the Fox Valley Technical College, Rasmussen College and many others. With a collection of more than half a million books, Appleton Public Library is well known in all of Wisconsin.

Great housing, health and safety

With no more than 12,000 households, a sweet-spot real estate price level of $200,000 (61% of homes are lived in by their owners,) and low crime rate, the central Wisconsin area is an excellent place for safe, stress-free living the way life used to be. A study by the Farmers Insurance company rates Appleton the third safest place in the United States to live in.

Employment remains strong

Nothing matters to families thinking of moving as much as the jobs outlook where they go. As a nationwide center of the paper and financial services industries, though, Central Wisconsin has excellent demand for people with several skill areas. According to Forbes, Appleton even ranks at number 38 on a list of the best small towns in the US for business and career.

Central Wisconsin remains a strong contender for any family planning to move to the north.

Fire Sets Add Elegance and Fun to Your Yard

Your garden is a position where you appreciate clinging out with loved ones. Therefore, you want it to be a fun and shiny space for interesting, eating, and just having fun. When a traditional barbeque has run its course and has become tedious, you may want to try something new that keeps everyone involved. Outside fire pits are a great way to achieve this, and they provide an probability to have a boost every time you encourage your buddies over!


Depending on the style you buy, you might be able to prepare over your fireplace. Some designs are stand-alone designs that can be shifted from one place to another. Their circular form keeps grilling and timber, enabling you to have a charming fire for comfort and delight. You can prepare chocolate buttons, hot pets, and other simple treats on this type of flame.

Larger designs are developed or set up on your residence and often look like outdoor fire places. You can barbeque, prepare, and even make shish kabobs on this type of installation, or just appreciate the set up for its fairly style and natural heated.


If interesting your visitors is your thing, then you want fire pits that you can move around. These designs are less expensive than long lasting set ups and easy to position on your lawn, terrace, drive way, or other secure area for food preparation a few bratwursts or just relaxing around the fire. These designs come in many dimensions, from a small style not much bigger than a golf ball, developed to be experienced on your terrace, to ones that look like a desk for people to collect around.


Of course, there are visual reasons to have fire pits on your residence as well. Permanent stone designs in white-colored, red, and grilling add a traditional appeal to your back or entry. If you want a more contemporary or contemporary look, you can consider using stone, stone, or even clay-based to style a wonderful set up that you will love displaying off as well as using.


If you’re involved about problems of protection, don’t fear. Many braziers come with a steel thank that can be placed over the top to contain the fire timber or other energy. Included fire mean you can light stays and grilling for watching, maintaining heated, or just cuddling up to without the included fear of the fire getting out of control. More secure than just searching an opening in the floor to develop a fireplace in, these types of braziers are developed to contain fire and keep your residence secure while offering a wonderful fascination.

Protecting Your Family and Your Home From Pests

When people purchase something they consider a major/important investment, they tend to protect it by any means necessary. Add having a family into that equation, and safety is the most important factor on a daily basis.

No matter how clean, sterilized, and maintained one keeps their house, termite control services should be on speed-dial.  Preventing mosquitoes, rodents, bugs, termites, and species alike out of your home by any means necessary is more than just about the home… it is a health concern for anyone inside of it!Pests are known for slowly eating away at homes (interior & exterior). They are also known for carrying a variety of disease, and no one wants to expose their family to that.

There are a variety of treatments for specific cases. For example, the same chemicals to get rid of termite colonies are not the same for preventing rodent infestation. When searching for termite control services, request information on the chemicals they use, and specifically which situation you want to take care of. Many contractors have packages that include prevention of all pests. If possible (even if you really need to focus on just one area) cover all of your bases sooner than later.